The embroidery department at Black Duck has the power to transform your artwork into incomparably durable, dimensional, and brilliant embroidery.

Black Duck has everything you need from skilled in-house digitizers, to one of the Southwest's largest production areas. With sixty-four heads, we can handle any job. Our experienced machine operators have the knowhow and the drive to make your job outstanding.

We use our knowledge of fine detail, our mastery of color, and our lettering skill to make your design the best embroidered piece it can be. Our control of such variables as stitch type, sequence, thread type and thickness, backing, tension, machine speed, and needle size/type, combined with our extensive knowledge of materials, garments, and design placement ensures a consistently top-quality product.

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We can provide for your every embroidery need, from selecting the best garment for your application, to artwork creation and preparation, to high-quality digitizing, through to careful and quick production.

For real results, Black Duck embroidery can't be beat.

In order to better inform you about your jobs and help the process go smoothly, we've provided the following articles for your information:

What is Digitizing?

Design tips for Embroidery

To get your order started, check out our showroom for virtual catalogs, or go straight to our online quotes to submit your job and get an estimate!