At Black Duck we can do more than just bagging and tagging. We are a total fulfillment solution! Folding. bagging, hangtagging, stickers, barcoding, packaging, we do everything you need to meet any compliance standards.

From the most basic tags for small business inventory to a full solution for placement in large retail venues, Black Duck has it all.

Whether your needs are for clean, safe storage or a professional retail presentation, we can provide you with everything you need, customized with your logo and information.


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Hang Tag Hang Tag Hang Tag

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Hang Tag Hang Tag

But we can do more than prepare your garments, we also provide a full-service shipping department!

We can produce custom box and label combinations for every use from small business to the tightly controlled setups necesary for shipping to large retail distribution centers. Black Duck has done it all, and we can do it all for you.

From bulk shipping to drop shipping, we can create a fulfillment plan to meet all your needs.